Guidelines for implementing accessibility

This section provides you with help and instructions for implementing accessibility. We have compiled learning materials related to accessibility and links to instructional videos.

Learn the vocabulary and terms: Learn the vocabulary and terms: The Regional State Administrative Agency has compiled a list of terms, abbreviations and expressions used in legislation and accessibility guidelines (in Finnish).

We wish you enjoyable learning moments!

Instructions for AA-level implementations in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

WCAG AA-level requirements for publications

Alternative texts, i.e. alt texts, are used to convey the information contained in an image to persons who are unable to see the image itself.

Alt text quick guide

Accessibility statement and its creation.

Accessibility statement guide

Information on why special users should be taken into consideration in design processes.

Taking special users into consideration

Learn by yourself with instructional videos.

Independent studying

The page provides information on why video captions are important in terms of accessibility and how captions can be created.

Video captions

Instructions for accessibility in files and documents.

Accessibility of files and documents

Social media accessibility.

Accessibility and social media

The page features free accessibility tools and assistive programs.

Accessibility tools