Accessibility in practical work tasks

Everyone has to ensure in their own work role that the publication and its contents are accessible. Accessibility cannot be outsourced, nor can the aforementioned responsibility be transferred to another operator. Everyone must understand what is significant in their own work with regard to the implementation of accessibility.

In the implementation of accessibility, some of the work tasks affecting the implementation are one-off in nature, while others are constantly part of the content production processes.

One-off tasks

Examples of one-off tasks include the visual choices made in the design of the website layout, as well as the technical solutions of the publication and the HTML marks used on the website.

Examples of tasks in the design phase include selecting the colours used on the website, ensuring sufficient colour contrast, positioning contents, making typographic decisions, designing interface elements, etc. The choices made in the design phase are applied in the implementation and content production processes. Correspondingly, the technical implementation phase involves making code production decisions. The code is repeated identically on all pages and cannot be altered by content producers.

Continuous tasks

When a publication is good and designed to be accessible, its layout and technical implementation meet the requirements set for accessibility. In the case of such publications, continuous development work involves ensuring that the contents of the publication are accessible. Ensuring the accessibility of the contents involves aspects such as following the graphical instructions provided, using the features of the publication system correctly, producing clear content and providing alternative content, e.g. adding alt texts for images.

Ensuring accessibility

Everyone working on the layout, the technology and the contents of the publication must ensure in their own work that any changes and additions made do not reduce accessibility.


When services or implementations are ordered from external suppliers, it must be ensured that the requirements listed here are met in the external supplier’s implementations as well.