Module 5, Accessibility user testing

Module 5

  • How can the accessibility of a service be assessed and improved through user testing carried out with special users?
  • What practical differences and considerations are related to testing carried out with special users?
  • Application of City-wide, unified testing practices?

Take note of a few important things to be taken into account in user testing:

Select electronic service users with different skill levels as testers.

Utilise tried-and-true testing practices:

  1. Plan the test carefully.
  2. Implement the test according to plan.
  3. Analyse the results with an accessibility specialist. Those analysing the results are required to be able to separate the effects of special users’ personal limitations, e.g. skills with aid devices and cognitive skills, from the test results.
  4. Document the testing process accurately.

You can also read about customer-oriented development on the Pelikirja website (in Finnish).

Case on demanding user testing

Accessibility user testing was developed in the spring of 2021 in a separate pilot project carried out in collaboration between the City of Helsinki and Siteimprove. The objective of the pilot was to establish what should be taken into consideration in demanding special user testing in order for the testing to support the service developers and the development process the most effectively. The user testing module materials were created based on the pilot results and documented.

Demanding user testing case: Read about the materials created in the pilot

Original version: Tero Pesonen
Created: 3 April 2021