Accessibility in service development

These materials form module-based instructions for developers of digital services. The model consists of sections, i.e. modules, that involve different tools and methods.

Fulfilment of the accessibility requirements is not difficult from a technical point of view. However, a prerequisite for this is the ability to consider the requirements already in the service development phase, and designers and developers must be familiar with the solutions resulting from the requirements. 

In the best case, accessibility can be a driver of service development, as it clarifies the features required from web services.

The software developer section is only available in English.

The tools and methods featured in the modules take into account the role and responsibility of the person in taking accessibility into consideration when developing a new service.

Utilising the help of experts is also recommended. The accessibility service is intended for making sure that digital accessibility is taken into consideration in all service and content production phases from development to publication.

City of Helsinki accessibility services (for City of Helsinki employees only).